education and training

IAO carries out two main types of education activities:

  1. academic education, in co-operation with the School of Agriculture of the University of Florence, based on the Master of Science Program in "Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development". This MSc Program is the result of the integration of three distinct academic Courses: the two Professional Masters on “Irrigation Problems in Developing Countries” and “Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation” (IAO Projects with a long tradition) and the MSc in "Tropical Rural Development" (School of Agriculture), the only Italian MSc in Tropical Agriculture. The integration of this initiatives has been designed to create a curriculum focused on the importance of environmental management along with agricultural production issues.
  2. seminars and short training courses for technicians and farmers, in different countries, to support specific co-operation actions in the framework of the IAO Projects. During the last year, about 1800 persons benefited directly of this training and capacity building activities. However, a large activity of training and dissemination of technical information is commonly carried out in the framework of IAO Projects, involving hundreds of stakeholders

Msc in Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development

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