Since 1907 the Institute publishes the scientific journal “Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development. The Journal is one of the tools that the IAO has made use of since its beginnings in its mission of teaching, informing, and, more generally, in the study and dissemination of knowledge about agriculture and the environment of tropical and subtropical countries. It has been the tool for the Institute to inform about the research and development initiatives it has launched over the years and the results achieved.
Over time, Italian development cooperation has increasingly adopted an integrated approach and so the Institute’s initiatives in tropical and sub-tropical countries have become broader in scope than the specific issues in themselves. This has led to the Journal to dedicate more space to reflections on cooperation policies and strategies, and give voice to the scientific community most interested in development issues.
In this framework and in these times the Journal will continue to publish the results of the work of scientists and technicians who wish to make available the results of their professional commitment and the fruit of their experience in agriculture, sustainable development, geomatics and natural resources evaluations, , woman empowerment and food security.
The journal is open access, which means that all content is available without charge to the user or his/her institution.

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