Trade Potential Determinants of the Adoption of Seed Yam Innovations in Ghana

Moro Seidu, Kwasi Ohene Yankyera


This paper analyses the factors that influence the adoption of seed yam innovations in Kpandai District in Northern Ghana. In contrast to most empirical studies on innovation adoption in which a specific technology is analyzed, this study covers several seed yam technologies (such as minisett, milked seeds, small setts, traditional setts). The paper estimate a logit model with data from 510 sampled yam farm households. It was identified that households’ ability and willingness to address consumer complaints, export, and integration into market economy positively and significantly influence the adoption of seed yam innovation. However, farm size and cost of transportation significantly influences the adoption of seed yam innovation negatively. The results therefore call for policies aimed at ensuring means to promote integration of households into local and international markets by bridging the gap of trust between farmers and yam exporters or middlemen.

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