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Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development

Formerly Rivista di Agricoltura Subtropicale e Tropicale

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cover Vol. 104, num. 1-2, January-June 2010

  • M.A.I. Akanda: Rethinking crop diversification under changing climate, hydrology and food habit in Bangladesh  
  • J.O. Ewah: Expanding mandate and corporate social responsibility in the management of National Parks and protected areas in Nigeria  
  • P.J. Martin, X. Chang and J. Wishart: Yield response of Bere, a Scottish barley landrace, to cultural practices and agricultural inputs  
  • J.B. Ngodo Melingui, Z. Otouochiwouo: Les Hautes Valeurs de Conservation à la Société Forestière et Industrielle de la Doumé (SFID)  

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Previous numbers:

Vol. 103 - N. 4 - October - December 2009
1. C. Grassi, B.A.M. Bouman, A. R. Castañeda, M. Manzelli, V. Vecchio: Aerobic rice: crop performance and water use efficiency   2. L. - E. Akpo, M. Grouzis: Effet des arbres sur la diversité de la végétation herbacée dans les parcours communautaires du Nord - Sénégal (Afrique de l’Ouest)   3. M.L.S. Paterniani, A. Pardini, V. Pratesi: Variability of agro-silvo-pastoral systems in Tuscany, Central Italy   4. O.I. Oladele, J. Lepetu, S.K. Subair, J. Obuh: SWOT Analysis of Extension Systems in Southern African Countries   5. A.C. Odunze, I. Kureh: Land Use limitations and management option for a Savanna Zone Alfisol  
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Vol. 103 - N. 3 - July - September 2009
1. M. B. Kenyanjui, M. Sheikh-Ali, A. Ghaffar: Observations on cattle dairy breeds in Pakistan; need to curb unseen economic losses through control of mastitis and endemic diseases   2. J.-H. Wang, K.-L. Chen, H.-W. Li, J. He, B. Guan, J.-B. Du, J.-J. Liu: Tibetan hilless barley denhydrin, dhn4, cloning and transforming into tobacco   3. L. Radhouane: La photosynthèse du mil (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) en présence de contrainte hydrique et saline   4. F. Massolino, A. Pardini: Results of a project on development of agro-forestry systems for food security in Carrefour region, Republic of Haiti   5. Eyassu Seifu: Analysis on the contributions of and constraints to camel production in Shinile and Jijiga zones, eastern Ethiopia   6. F. Bazzani: La lutte contre la désertification pour le développement durable des terres arides  
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Vol. 103 - N. 1/2 - January-June 2009
1. L. Melozzi: Incentives for agrobiodiversity within the European Union: the role of Rural Development Plans   2. R. Bocci: Seed Legislation and agrobiodiversity: conservation varieties   3. E. Bertacchini: Regional legislation in Italy for the protectionof local varieties   4. D. Naziri: Direct sale as a means for promoting the sustainable use of plant genetic resources: the case of the Tuscany Region   5. R. Bocci, V. Chable: Peasant seeds in Europe: stakes and prospects   6. A. Osman , V. Chable: Inventory of initiatives on seeds of landraces in Europe   7. S. Ceccarelli: Evolution, plant breeding and biodiversity  
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Vol. 102 - N. 4 - October-December 2008
1. S. Cecchi, C. Zanchi: Climatic risk of soil salinization in the Grosseto Plain (Central Italy)   2. S.S. Omolaja, E.B. Esan: Evaluation of High Altitude Tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] for yield in Lowland Ecologies of Nigeria   3. R. Kenga, C. The, C. Zonkeng: Combining ability in medium-maturity maize germplasm adapted to tropical mid-altitude and lowland environment   4. K. Noba, A.T. Ba, G. Barralis, J. - P. Caussanel, I. Fall: Dynamique des communautés adventices des cultures de mil et d’arachide dans le Sud du Bassin arachidier (Sénégal)   5. M. M. Khater: Effect of some forward speeds of mechanical harvesting on potato damage in South Eastern Qantara (Egypt)   6. G. Toure, B. - J. Kouao, N. Bodji, B. Faye: Alimentation des ovins en élevage urbain en Côte d’Ivoire : cas de Bouaké  
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Vol. 102 - N. 3 - July/September 2008
1. E. Bonaiuti, E. Cini, F. Garbati Pegna: Improving coffee production in small and medium farms in Veracruz, Mexico with the use of pneumatic equipment   2. C. Penati, A. Omarou, M. Zecchini, C. Crimella: Inquiry into traditional milk derivates production and trade in the area of Niamey (Niger)   3. A. Pistoia, P. Poli, G. Balestri, G. Ferruzzi: Climatic changes and fodder supplying in the Mediterranean environments. Tropical fodder species use   4. M.A. Alaib, N.O. Ihsaeen: Weed flora of Great Man-Made River agriculture project (Sirte)   5. L. Radhouane: Caractéristiques hydriques du mil (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) en présence de contraintes hydriques  
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Vol. 102 - N. 1-2 - January/June 2008
1. R. Cassini, L. Guerretta, D. Damte, D. Morbin, M. Pallottino: Traditional systems and development interventions in LVIA experience in Moyale, pastoral area of Southern Ethiopia   2. M. Nori: Evolving pastoral markets: a case from NE Somalia   3. M. Nori: Pastoral livelihoods on the Tibetan Plateau   4. A. Pardini: Valorization of pastoral systems in the Mediterranean Basin   5. A. Broglia, G. Volpato: Pastoralism and displacement: strategies and limitations in livestock raising by Sahrawi refugees after thirty years of exile   6. S. Krätli: What do breeders breed? On pastoralists, cattle and unpredictability   7. G. De Cao, A. Ickowicz, I. Touré, P. Gerber: An information and early warning system designed for sahelian pastoral systems: the example of SIPSA implementation in Senegal   8. F. Peduzzi: La crianza de Llama en el sur Potosí, Bolivia. Un análisis de la experiencia de las AZCCAs (Asociaciones Zonales de Criadores de llama)  
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Vol. 101 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2007
1. M. Puccioni, N. Labanca, R. De Robertis: The Historical Sources at IAO. The Unpublished Documentation Centre  
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Vol. 101 - N. 1/2 - January/June 2007
1. Gussie Assam Adania Njiki, A. Barberis, M. Fernanda Calderon Vega, S. Chimenti, Wenqiang Feng, E. Fiorillo, Yingbin He, Slavica Kašćelan, Mohamed Afan Mabruk, D. Mattina, S. Minelli, Hicham Mtilk, P. Tenerelli, F. Ugolini, Yimin Wang, Ni Yan: Report of the case study carried out during the 25th Course Professional Master Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation  
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Vol. 100 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2006
1. C. Tapia-García: Assessment of Land Cover Change in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and confining area using FAO’s Land Cover Classification System (LCCS)   2. J.-H. Wang, X. Liu, J. Chen, J.-L. Deng, K.-L. Chen, H.-W. Li, J. He, G.-L. Jiang, J.-J. Liu: Grapevine Leafroll associated Virus-3 in Sichuan, China   3. M. Mattoni: Accuracy of the diagnosis of functional corpora lutea through rectal palpations, seasonal variations of oestrous cycle length, and progesterone values in fulani Zebu   4. G. Toure , C. Komoin-Oka, J. Cabaret , Z. Ouattara , B. Faye, M. Lhostis: Peri-urban sheep breeding in Ivory Coast: evaluation of gastro-intestinal parasitism and influent factors of variation   5. A. Pardini, V. Pratesi, S. Corsi: Effect of tillage techniques on the evolution of the soil seed bank in a faba bean – durum wheat rotation   6. J. Somda, E. Tollens, M. Kamuanga: Economic policy reforms and domestic food supply: a case study of ruminants’ meat and milk in West Africa  
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Vol. 100 - N. 1/2 - January/July 2006
1. G. Vaglio Laurin, L. Ongaro: Mapping the suitability of potential conservation sites: a case study in Northern Tunisia   2. L.J.M. Jansen, D.S. Ndiaye: Land-cover change dynamics 1978-1999 of (peri-) urban agriculture in the Dakar region   3. F. M. Santucci , L. Grenna: Promoting environmentally sound development and fighting poverty: the case of ANAM and the Pobreza Rural y Recursos Naturales Project Panama1   4. F. Bazzani: Evaluation de l’exactitude verticale d’un Model Numérique du Terrain (MNT) réalisée à partir d’images du satellite Terra ASTER   5. G. V. Brandolini: Options for market and the State in Afghan agriculture  
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Vol. 99 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2005
1. E. Fiorillo, D. Mattina, L. Ongaro: Geomorphologic classification using DEM and GIS in the Loess Plateau (China)   2. C. Giordani, S. Cecchi, C. Zanchi: Agricultural crops for phytoremediation of soil polluted by lead   3. A. Papini, G. Tani, P. Di Falco, L. Brighigna: Interdependence of the ontogeny of two essential foliar structures in a representative of the neotropical genus Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae): stomata and absorbing trichomes   4. K.P. Nagavallemma, S.P. Wani, S. Lacroix, V.V. Padmaja, C. Vineela, K.L. Sahrawat: Vermicomposting: recycling wastes into valuable organic fertilizer   5. A. Cantàfora, M. Zecchini, C. Crivella, G. Vias, I. Ilou: Development of the milk chain in the periurban area of Niamey (Niger)   6. J. Turini, M. Zecchini, C. Crimella: Improving of cattle breeding in humid grassland of West Africa  
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Vol. 99 - N. 1/2 - January/July 2005
1. A. Belli, P. Boema, E. Abbate, M. Papini, L. Rook, L. Bondioli, A. Coppa, F. Martini, G. Martino, M. Vidale, A. Zaremba, S. Amleson, Y. Tekleyohannes, P. Sarfatti, G. Delli: IMAGES fron ERITREA IMMAGINI dall'ERITREA  
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Vol. 98 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2004
1. A. Pardini , M. Rois Diaz: Valorization of pasture and rangeland biodiversity by potential new plant industries   2. M. Di Costanzo, L. Ongaro: The Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) as a formal language: a proposal   3. L.E. Akpo, I.Coly, D. Sarr, D. Ngom and S. Ndao: Modes d’utilisation des terres et diversité floristique dans le terroir de la Néma en zone Semi-aride (Sénégal, Afrique de l’Ouest)   4. S. Assembe Mvondo: Observation indépendante du contrôle et du suivi de l’exploitation forestière au Cameroun : bilan et perspectives des activités   5. E. E. Oku, M.E. Nsor, A.N. Essoka, B.O. Ayambim: An assessment of the physical properties of the Flood Plain Soils of Rainforest Zone of South-South Nigeria   6. E. E. Oku, S. N. Ochang, O. O. Ogunyemi, G. Ita: Deforestation in Nigeria: causes, impact on biodiversity and call for caution   7. U.F. Chiezey, Shamsudeen Rufai: Popcorn response to plant population dynamics and nitrogen levels in the northern Guinea savanna zone of Nigeria   8. A. M. Oparaeke: Field activity of different rates and application schedules of neem seed extracts against Megalurothrips sjostedti on cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.  
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Vol. 98 - N. 1/2 - January/July 2004
1. L. De Filicaia , C. Zanchi: Evaluation of soil erosion in the watershed of the Sbaïhya river (Tunisia)   2. O. I. Oladele, Jun-Ichi Sakagami: Agricultural research and extension indices as determinants of agricultural growth in Nigeria: 1981-2002   3. M. Isabirye, B. Isabirye, M.K. Magunda, J. Deckers, J. Poesen: Impact of Land Use-systems on soil invertebrate macrofauna communities in the Lake Victoria fringe   4. P. Casini, W. Pastén: Green manuring and mulching in a three-crop sequence in the Bolivian Amazon   5. B. Conaire, O. Asemota, A. Isenmila: Pattern of seedling root development among some oil palm genotypes   6. G. Rambaldi, A.C. Manila: Innovative Tools for Mastering Space in Collaborative Natural Resource Management   7. L. Mulazzani, L. Omodei Zorini: Evaluación de factibilidad socio-economica de un proyecto de recuperación ambiental (lomas de Atiquipa, Perú)  
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Vol. 97 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2003
1. P. Casini: Ground cover and weed control of selected cover crops in acidic soil of Colombia   2. B. O. Gaouna, D. Stroppiana, P. Sarfatti, F. Ungaro: Crop yield reduction estimation using the FAO-CROPWAT model: a case study in Southern Chad   3. S. Innocente, M. Manzelli, A. Pardini, V. Vecchio: Biomass production of six sorghum accessions from Northern Somalia   4. A. Pistoia, G. Balestri, G. Ferruzzi, P. Secchiari: Productive trend and nutritional characteristics in Medicago arborea L.   5. S. Petroncini, M. P. Marcheselli, P. Bruschi: Preliminary aspects of the anatomy and genetic variability of Dracaena cinnabari Balf. fil: a threatened endemic species of Socotra Island, South Yemen   6. S.Ghariani, N. Trifi-Farah, S. Marghali, M. Marrakchi, M. Chakroun: Morphological characterization of Tunisian Perennial ryegrass germplasm  
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Vol. 97 - N. 1/2 - January/July 2003
1. A. Perlini, I. Alba: Capacity building and training strenghtening in Irrigation and Water Resources management   2. M. Zecchini, S. Barbieri, C. Crivella, P. Moroni, C. Luzzago, G. Ruffo: Une enquête microbiologique sur le lait et sur le sang des bovin Somba au Togo   3. C. Giordani, P. Sani, S. Cecchi, C. Zanchi: A prototype for soil conservation tillage: comparison with the traditional tillage   4. S. Hamadou, H. MarichatouM. Kamuanga, A. B. Kanwé, A. G. Sidibé: Diagnostic des élevages laitiers périurbains : typologie des exploitations de la périphéride de Bobo – Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)   5. Substitution rates of N, P and K in farmyard manure on an Alfisol in northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria: Substitution rates of N, P and K in farmyard manure on an Alfisol in northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria   6. S. Hamadou: Facteurs socio-économiques influençant l’utilisation de la fumure organique dans les systèmes de production mixte agriculture – élevage au Niger  
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Vol. 96 - N. 3/4 - July/December 2002
1. G. Delli, P. Sarfatti, F. Bazzani , A. Cadi: Application of GIS for agro-climatological characterisation of northern Algeria to define durum wheat production areas   2. G. Delli, P. Sarfatti, A. Cadi: Classification of historical series of NDVI: an application for northern Algeria   3. P. Annicchiarico, T. Chiari, F. Bazzani, F. Bellah, S. Doucene, N. Yallaoui-Yaïci, Z. Abdellaoui, B. Belloula, L. Bouazza, L. Bourmel, M. Hamou, T. Hazmoune, M. Kelkouli, H. Ould-Said, H. Zerargui: Response of durum wheat cultivars to Algerian environments - I. Yield   4. P. Annicchiarico, T. Chiari, F. Bazzani, F. Bellah, S. Doucene, N. Yallaoui-Yaïci, Z. Abdellaoui, B. Belloula, L. Bouazza, L. Bourmel, M. Hamou, T. Hazmoune, M. Kelkouli, H. Ould-Said, H. Zerargui: Response of durum wheat cultivars to Algerian environments - II. Adaptive traits   5. P. Annicchiarico, F. Bellah, T. Chiari, G. Delli: Response of durum wheat cultivars to Algerian environments - III. GIS-based definition of cultivar recommendations   6. P. Annicchiarico, T. Chiari, G. Delli, S. Doucene, N. Yallaoui-Yaïci and F. Bellah: Response of durum wheat cultivars to Algerian environments - IV. Implications on a national breeding strategy   7. P. Annicchiarico, T. Chiari, G. Delli, S. Doucene, N. Yallaoui-Yaïci and F. Bellah: Response of durum wheat cultivars to Algerian environments - V. Long-term yield potential of locations   8. M. Palumbo, G. Boggini: Grain yield in Italian environments and glutenin composition of durum wheat cultivars  
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Vol. 96 - N. 1/2 - January/Juin 2002
1. C. Giordani, S. Cecchi, C. Zanchi: Effectiveness of different amounts of organic mulch on the conservation of soil moisture   2. F. Ambrosiani, C. Tidiane Diop, O. Oliveros, D. Cianci: The therapeutic effects of propolis in the livestock farming   3. F. Aiello: Financial stabilization systems, economic growth of developing countries and EU’s STABEX   4. A. Belmont Pereira, N. A. Villa Nova, E. Galvani: On the estimation of global solar radiation flux density in Brazil from a single measurement at solar noon   5. C. J. Arene: Differential effects of agriculture activities of men and women return migrants on forestland conversion in Anambra State of Nigeria   6. H. O. A. Oluma, E. U. Amuta, R. Sha’ato: Antifungal activity of extracts of some medicinal plants against Macrophomina phaseolina (tassi) goid   7. O.I. Jaiyebo: Livestock rearing in the city: a case of Ibadan metropolis Nigeria  
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Vol. 95 - N. 4 - October/December 2001
1. G. Stefani: The European CMO for bananas: assessment of the new regime   2. A. Pardini, P. Gremigni, F. Longhi: Influence of the Ley Farming system on the pastoral and agricultural resources of Western Australia   3. R. La Rovere, C. Marcianò: Agricultural risk and coping strategies in Costa Rica   4. F. Ambrosini , D. Cianci: Genetic bases of resistance to Trycostrongylids in sheep   5. F. Ambrosini , D. Cianci: Livestock and environment: the Yak of the Tibetan Plateau   6. O. O. Mgbere, O. Olutogun: A comparison of non linear models for describing weight-age relationships in N'Dama cattle  
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Vol. 95 - N. 2/3 - Avril/September 2001
1. E.L. Ngatunga, S. Dondeyne , J.A. Deckers: The risk for soil acidification from sulphur dusting in farmers’ cashew nut groves in South Eastern Tanzania   2. A. Marletta , A.C. Barbera, G. M. Lombardo: First results on the bioagronomic characterisation of Sesbania sesban (L.) Merril and Cajanus cajan (L.) high interesting legumes for the Mediterranean environment   3. M. Nori: The missing links to development in the Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam   4. L. Cavestro , A. Angeloni, S. Innocente: An outlook of pastoralism in Northern Somalia after the civil war  
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Vol. 95 - N. 1 - January/March 2001
1. S. R. Chessa: Participatory research methodologies in agricultural and extension studies: the qualitative agenda   2. A. Pistoia, G. Ferruzzi, P. Poli, N. Grossi, M. Gaetani.: Tropical fodder crops in coastal Tuscany Note 2. Productivity and chemical - nutritional characteristics.   3. T. Giarrizzo, M. Gualtieri: Principal commercially-important aquatic organisms in the Marajó Island, Pará, Brazil   4. K. Tano, M. Kamuanga , M. D. Faminow, B. M. Swallow: Adoption and demand for trypanotolerant cattle in the sub-humid zone of West Africa   5. A. Pardini , A. Scorzon: Preliminary researches on the pastoral resources of the Soqotra Island (Yemen)   6. A. Zurek: Optimization of forage area utilization in dairy cattle kept in the subtropical zone  
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Vol. 94 - N. 4 - October/December 2000
1. Jerzy H. Czembor, Henryk J. Czembor: Powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei) resistance in barley landraces collected in Israel, Turkey and Iran   2. A. Pardini , P. Lombardi , F. Longhi, L. Ongaro: Animal stocking rate in tropical and subtropical rangelands I. Pastoral value of the forage species   3. A. Pardini , F. Longhi , P. Lombardi , G. Argenti: Animal stocking rate in tropical and subtropical rangelands II. Comparison of methods for the calculation   4. N. A. Amusa N. Jabaru , O. F. Owolade: Seed mycoflora of African yam bean   5. G. Del Bene, S. Landi: The citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae): life cycle, damage and control on potted ornamental plants in Tuscany  
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Vol. 94 - N. 2/3 - Avril/September 2000
1. F. Ambrosiani, J.W. Hansen: The pathophisiology and economic impact of nematode parasites (Trichostrongylids) in sheep   2. F. Ambrosiani, J.W. Hansen: Anthelmintic drugs: their historical usage, spectrum, mode of action and pharmacodynamics   3. F. Ambrosini: The resistance of Trichostrongylids to anthelmintics in sheep   4. F. Ambrosini: Methodologies of analysis for the detection of the anthelmintic resistance in sheep   5. F. Ambrosini: Epidemiology and ecology of gastrointestinal parasites (Trichostrongyles): an attempt of modelling   6. F. Ambrosini: The relationship between parasite control practices in sheep production systems in Italy and anthelmintic resistance development   7. F. Ambrosini: A survey of anthelmintic resistance in Trichostrongylid parasites of sheep in Italy   8. F. Ambrosini: Small ruminants’ nematodes (Trichostrongylids): economic importance, epidemiology, and anthelmintic resistance and control measures in the Indian scenario  
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Vol. 94 - N. 1 - January/March 2000
1. L. Demiraj, F. Sula, K. Kume, K. Shegani, F. Paci, R. Gorea: Tests of post-partum assistance during the dry period and the first phase of lactation as a factor for improving productive and reproductive performance in dairy cows   2. M. Brunetti, P.G. Fabbri, S. Lazzeri: Technological characterisation of coffee tree (Coffea arabica L.) wood   3. G. Del Bene, E. Gargani, S. Landi: Evaluation of plant extracts for insect control   4. A. Perlini, V. Gerini: L'importazione delle banane nella Comunità Economica Europea dal 1958 al 1997   5. L.B. Taiwo, O. Osonubi, M. Salau: Growth and nodulation of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) to compost application and inoculation with. Glomus mosseae and Bradyrhizobium  
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Vol. 93 - N. 3/4 - July/December 1999
1. A. Calvo: Gender and development   2. S. Engel-Di Mauro: Gendering soil science research methods: a case study from Hungary   3. I. Sisto, X. Flores: Socioeconomic and Gender Analysis Programme (SEAGA). The Training of Trainers Workshop held in Malaga, Spain in June 1999   4. A. Calvo, P. Migliorini: Rural women: general overview   5. A. Calvo, P. Migliorini: Rural Women in Morocco   6. I. Gabayan: Socio-economic Status of Rural Women in Armenia   7. R. Rangelova: Rural restructuring and gender dimensions of socio-economic change in Bulgaria   8. A. Calvo, P. Migliorini: Gender and Labour Markets in Estonia   9. V. Majerová: Development of labour market in the Czech countryside: expectations of rural women   10. J. Tvrdonova: Rural Areas and Rural Women in Slovak Republic   11. C. Fernández Fontanillas, C. Gañán de Molina: Políticas de incorporación del enfoque de género en la agricultura, pesca y desarrollo rural   12. I. Asztalos Morell: Post-socialist rural transformation and gender construction processes in Ungary   13. A. Calvo, P. Migliorini: Women in agriculture in Italy: the new figures   14. D. Alimdjanova: Social Status of Women in Uzbekistan: stereotypes created by the influence of different socio-economic changes in Central Asia  
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Vol. 93 - N. 1/2 - January/June 1999
1. Gemeda Aleme: The role of farm power in accelerating agricultural production in Hetosa Wereda, Arsi Zone   2. P. Caserta: Centro di documentazione inedita dell’Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare   3. Demere Anno: Local institutions in rural development management: the experience of the Arsi-Bale Rural Development Project   4. V. Gerini: Notizie storiche sullo sviluppo agricolo della Regione del Giuba (Somalia)   5. Taye Tolemariam; R.M.T Baars; Fekadu Beyene: Evaluation of initiation of Lactoperoxidase system for preservation of milk in Arsi Highlands  
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Vol. 92 - N. 4 - October/December 1998
1. N. Grossi, M. Volterrani, G. Pardini, A. Pistoia, G. Ferruzzi: Tropical fodder crops in coastal Tuscany. Note I. Agronomic characteristics and adaptability   2. M. Nori , G.A. Ferrari, A. Hirpa, M. Catizzone, T. Millo: Convivere con l'incertezza nella Rift Valley etiopica : elementi metodologici per un approccio olistico   3. V. Gerini: Le transport maritime à destination de l’Italie des bananes produites en Somalie depuis (1927) jusqu’à la cessation du monopole italien (31 décembre 1964)   4. G. Simeon ; C. Zanchi: Impiego delle “trenches” per la ricarica della falda: un caso di studio in Balochistan.   5. A. Micconi: Environment surveys carried out to evaluate land degradation in a semi-arid area of the Highlands of Eritrea (Second part)  
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Vol. 92 - N. 2/3 - Avril/September 1998
1. G. Del Bene, S. Landi and R. Russo: Chemical control of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae) on ornamental citrus   2. J. A. Fagbayide, G. O. Adeoye: A preliminary investigation on sunflower growth and mineral uptake as influenced by fertilizer phosphorus   3. G. Martínez, E. Manzanilla, C. Marín y R. Pargas: Efecto de la densidad de siembra y labores de deshije sobre el rendimiento del platano 'Harton enano' (Musa AAB).   4. A. Micconi: Environment surveys carried out to evaluate land degradation in a semi-arid area of the Highlands of Eritrea   5. C.R. Obatolu, E.A. Fawole: Features of Coffee Production in Nigeria  
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Vol. 92 - N. 1 - January 1998
1. L. Avilan: Planes de fertilización para Naranjo y Mango en Venezuela   2. P. Casini, R. P. Rivera O.: Multiplicacion de tubérculo-semilla de papa (solanum tuberosum subsp. Andigena) en el Valle de Araca: efectos de la densidad de siembra y época de cosecha   3. C.A. Ruiz-Feria, S.D. Lukefahr: Rabbit growth and feeding performance in south Texas -Evaluation of Dolichos lablab and Opuntia stricta as local forages and effects of fur clipping   4. G. Rambaldi,M. L. Fernan,S. V. Siar: Participatory Resource Mapping: a tool for Community-based Coastal Resource Management   5. Abdoulaye Dieng, Gnagna Diagne Leye, Maïmouna Sy Ndir, et Papa Ibra Samb, Mathieu Guèye, Demba Farba Mbaye: Criblage de variétés de mil (Pennisetum glaucum (L) R. Br.) pour leur résistance au mildiou causé par Sclerospora graminicola ( Sacc.) Schroët.  
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