Technical visits

1.      Visit to chocolate district in Tuscany: Vestri, Arezzo (5th May)

2.      Visit to FAO, Rome (6th May)

3.      Visit to PromoFirenze: Chamber of Commerce (10th May)

4.      Visit to Protected Designations of Origin (PDO)/ Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) consortium: Il Forteto, Vicchio, Florence (12th May)

5.      Visit to voluntary standards and social procurement: Albero del Caffè and Alce Nero, Emilia Romagna (13th May)

6.      Visit to cooperatives. Fruit/vegetables value chain: Agrintesa, Vivai Dalmonte, Centro Attività Vivaistica (CAV). Emilia Romagna (20th May)

7.      Visit to small producers/gathering agriculture: wild bilberry value chain (Il Baggiolo) and private agro-food farm (Le Roncacce). Abetone, Pistoia (24th May)

8.      Visit to agricultural farm: Floriddia. Peccioli, Pisa (26th May)

9.      Visit to pasta factory: Fabbri. Strada in chianti, Florence (27th May)

10.  Visit to agricultural and marketing cooperatives: Cooperativa Agricola Firenzuola (CAF). Vicchio, Florence (31st May)

11.  Visit to stocking/distribution center: COOP. Pontedera, Pisa (1st June)

12.  Visit to producers’ consortia: SGS consortium. S. Croce sull’Arno, Pisa (1st June)

13.  Visit to diagnostic and research service center: Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana, (IZS_Lombardo_beef quality, IZS_Lombardo_best alert). Scandicci, Florence (6th June)